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I completed a BFA at Central Michigan University in Michigan and headed west to Berkeley California where I did printmaking and belonged to the Both up Coop Gallery.

In 1979 I started my MFA at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. I studied under such artists as karl Wirsum, Christina Ramberg, Phil Hanson, and Ray Yoshida. I was interested at the time in figurative work influenced by cartoon, narrative, and humor. I became associated with Printworks Gallery Chicago in the early eighties and by mid eighties also associated with Sonia Zaks Gallery Chicago. Don Baum curated a show at the Chicago cultural Center in 1987 called ‘Urgent Messages’ in which I was included. I felt at the time that this was a significant show in that it had both the Chicago Imagists and emerging artists.

I have a studio in my home in Michigan. My wife, Ilene Curts is also an artist. My studio has an Intaglio press and my main printmaking processes are collograph, dry point on plexi, and found graphics. I have been working in print making since the seventies.

My work has evolved over time to touch on social issues, word play, and figurative abstraction. I work in watercolor and acrylic on paper sometimes collaged. The larger pieces are backed with canvas.